Design Philosophy



The places that we design to live and work set the stage for our collected experiences. It is in our homes that we find a place of refuge, a place where our lives are explored and expressed. It is where we raise our families and show love for one another.



It is our places of work that embody our creative selves and in many ways define us to the world. We are most often accepted and characterized through our work, what it represents, and what knowledge it indicates that we possess. These should be spaces for thinking, idea making, and doing.



Design then becomes about understanding people, their passions, their families, their spirituality, and their work, all while respecting the sense of place that comes from where you live. Being given the task of distilling these many facets of a person’s life is an honor that we take seriously.



If good design is about respecting context, the people, and the site of a project, then sustainability is about understanding the totality of our impact on the world. It is a point of view that we live in the world, not on it. It is about providing room for nature and future generations to thrive while maintaining the quality of our modern lives.