Management Team

Ryan G. Cowan

Team Leader/ Project Manager

R.G. Cowan believes that good design is born of inspiration, iteration, and collaboration. It is born out of a process of idea making with a goal of creating beautiful spaces for people. It happens through the interaction with our clients, our collaborators, and our consultants, while always respecting constraints and the natural world. The process is Fluid, founded in the spirit of engagement, while adapting to the needs of a changing world.

We think, we design, we build.   Welcome to the Fluid Design Group.

“For me, pursuing additional education is a journey of understanding how our environment is changing and what we should be doing about it. The facts are telling us to act and find new ways to think and do. It is important that we begin to accept the scope of this problem and the implications for the natural world, our kids, and future generations to come. We need to learn how to adjust our lives, our thinking and our businesses to this new paradigm. The idea that massive change doesn’t have to come to us through mandate is important to me. I believe that as determined, creative people, we can educate ourselves and each other to find new ways of living in this world. It is by caring about our planet and thinking of the quality of life for all, that we can make a world where future generations can thrive.”

Terra Staats

Office Manager

Terra has 15 years’ experience with architectural design in both residential homes and commercial projects.  Terra was born and raised in Colorado; she moved to the Grand Valley in 1997. She received an AAS in Computer Aided Drafting in 1999 at Mesa State College (now Colorado Mesa University).  Terra began working for R.G. Cowan in 2016 and she believes that sustainable building practices deserve an exceptional emphasis in the design process without compromising style and functionality. She also focuses on building a strong client/owner relationship. Terra enjoys the playground that nature provides, including the rich benefits of growing a large garden of fruits, vegetables and nuts with her family.


Design Team

Julie Sizelove


With seventeen years of experience in the architectural industry, Julie puts her creative talents to work as the Owner/Designer at studio SIX02, a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Inspired early on by the simple elegance of rural barns & historic schoolhouses in the American Midwest, Julie fuses her experience working in the construction field, with her love of art and design.  She received a professional degree in architecture (BARCH), as well as a bachelor of science in environmental design, from Ball State University.

Having completed an internship in Grand Junction during college, Julie was drawn back to the landscape and outdoor recreation of the American West, and relocated to Grand Junction in 2004.  In 2012, she launched studio SIX02, using her design talents and experience to collaborate on a variety of new projects.  Julie enjoys the challenge of problem-solving at various scales, and creating sustainable solutions that are as unique as the project itself.

Joe Bob Merritt


“Principal designer Joe Bob Merritt received his Masters of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture in 1996. He has designed custom homes ranging from multimillion dollar homes to modest dwellings that are lived in and enjoyed daily.

We value and excel in environmentally appropriate designs in terms of site and culture. Function as it relates to use. Intelligence in terms of structure. Efficient in terms of construction and the ability to have a project actually built. Enduring in terms of material. Beautiful in terms of form. Valuable in terms of experience. Sustainable in terms of operational cost. Durable in terms of time.”

Melissa Lind

Landscape Architect

Melissa Lind is a LEED certified Landscape Architect. She has worked in Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico, always with a specialty in sustainability and native plants. She was inspired to the profession by her Great Grandfather, Armand Tibbits, a Landscape Architect who worked with the Olmstead Brothers (sons of Frederick Law Olmstead, designer of Central Park in New York City). Her design work includes planting, lighting, hardscape, and master planning for both residential and commercial. 

Ms. Lind lives with a handsome husband, lazy dog and a magic cat. She can often be heard stomping around the ancient adobes of Northern New Mexico in high heels (some people call it flamenco).

Build Team

Gary Poush


Gary Poush was 14, when he enlisted two like-minded buddies in the construction of an 8 foot by 12 foot club house in the central Minnesota woods. It had two doors, a window, three bunks and a fireplace that sometimes worked. His family moved to Wyoming when he was a high school senior, and he has lived in the West since.  He played basketball at the University of Wyoming and studied medicine, science and photography, graduating with a B.A. in Zoology in 1970. During his college summers, he worked for his girlfriend’s father in Minnesota, learning the basics of commercial and residential construction.

This was the beginning of a life spent honing the skills of the carpenter, the management practices of a construction superintendent, and project manager, with 30 years as the owner of construction companies in Wyoming, Oregon and for the last 16 years, in Colorado. After a decade in Portland, his love of the Rockies brought him back to the interior West, with his wife Sandy and children, Julian and Lillian. The family moved to Grand Junction in 1999.

Gary has worked in a collaborative environment with architects, designers and owners on projects here in Colorado and in Oregon, providing life cycle analysis and value engineering as needed. His background in the bio sciences has led to an intense interest in sustainability and a healthy home environment and an understanding that the homes he builds will nurture generations of families. Serra Construction was one of the first companies on the West Slope to build to the Energy Star and Colorado Built Greenstandards.


Shop Team

Specialty fabrication and woodworking

R.G.Cowan Design’s specialty fabrication and wood working studio brings ideas from the digital realm to physical reality. Specializing in 3-D modeling and high tech fabrication methods, we create unique objects of lasting value. Whether creating unique branding or specialty elements for commercial space, we thrive on the imagination and innovation.