Renovation & Styling for Vacation Rentals

Doing renovations for vacation rentals is often an entirely different kind of renovation. Talking with a designer to get your best return on investment is a smart step. You may not choose the same kind of appliances or accessories as you would for yourself.

Some good tips for vacation rental design:

1. If you have multiple units, plan for some common areas of use for laundry, outdoor seating, and entry. You’ll save money on shared resources and spaces.

2. Choose neutral colors in general, but don’t be afraid to put some bold colors here and there for visual interest, like you see with the orange walls.

3. Select durable matierials that clean easily and last.

4. Style with a few pieces of interesting art (local artists is always a plus).

5. Provide information for activities in the area, games, and little extra things that give your rental personality (bathtub loveseat :). These are the details that will bring people back a second and third time.