Ryan and his team helped us from start to finish. We chose Ryan because of his knowledge of modern architecture being inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright who saw no limits to how design may improve the quality of the lives we live and put special importance on the value of beauty. We love modern architecture because it shows the actual structure and materials used in the building, featuring design elements of wood, steel and glass. Ryan helped us balance the clean lines and minimalist interiors with the warmth of natural materials such as wood and stone. He created beautiful features in our home that stand alone as art.
Ryan strives to create unique projects that set his work apart from other home builders. He enjoys the one-off custom design and build projects on various scales. He feels that architecture and the objects in them fill our lives with stories and meanings, becoming the backdrop to how we live our lives. We were truly fortunate to have Ryan and his team build our new home.

The Fosters

We hired Ryan Cowan (R.G. Cowan) to completely remodel our kitchen, family room entertainment center, pantry room, and three bathrooms, in addition to constructing a completely new 1600 square foot attached shop. Ryan’s attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines was most welcome. He made many suggestions that added immensely to the quality and enjoyment of the finished projects. He was always open to suggestions and willing to discuss alternatives. He was able to enhance ordinary “box” cabinets to make them look like custom cabinets in our kitchen, bathrooms and family room. We have no reservations in recommending him for remodeling projects or brand new construction projects.

Nate & Jan Niebauer

I have used Ryan Cowan to improve/maintain/rebuild my c. 1905 home since 2004. He has done great work on time and on budget.

C Therrman

Requested a consult on very short notice. Ryan showed up, provided options and advice. Finally provided good estimate to work on to help determine purchase price of “fixer-up” home. Hope to work with Ryan again!


Having worked with R.G. Cowan Design Build on many projects over the years as his plumbing contractor I can safely say that the attention to detail that Ryan possesses is second to none. R.G. Cowan treats every job with the same importance weather it’s a small remodel or and entire home. The wealth of knowledge that R.G. Cowan possess in design and construction produces and end product that in my opinion any one would be pleased to have.
Having worked with R.G.Cowan on a professional and personal basis I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a designer or contractor for their next project.


Ryan and his team have completed several remodeling projects for me on two homes. The projects included a high end kitchen remodel, entry way remodel, installation of a custom deck with unique lighting, an RV garage conversion, a large multiple area bathroom remodel, floor plan redesign, office to laundry room conversion, and numerous door and window replacements. Every project has been on time and on budget. Ryan is very flexible both at the design stage and during construction. He provides innovative ideas and typically offers a range of options from high end to quality budget. I recommend him highly.


Ryan Cowan built our house in southwestern Colorado in 2008 – 2009, completing it in about 11 months. It has 4 bedrooms & 4 baths, with about 3000 square feet and a detached garage. It is an energy star compliant “green” house, using a geothermal system for heating and cooling. We lived about 700 miles from the house, and although we did not do this, we could have had him do the project without ever seeing it until completion and it would have been excellent. When we did visit during construction, communication with Ryan could not have been better. It seemed as though he could read our minds about what we wanted, and when we weren’t certain about various issues, he had excellent suggestions.

Ryan was “hands-on” during the project, actually building much of the house himself with a few helpers rather than, as many general contractors do, just showing up occasionally. The house was built on a “cost plus” basis, and Ryan made sure to get the best deals possible for us on materials, was careful with spending, returned unused materials for credit, and so on.

The project was entirely stress free, even enjoyable. We considered (and still consider) Ryan a friend, which we cannot say about any other contractor we have ever dealt with. We would be happy to show the house to anyone interested when we are there (about half time). Ryan will have pictures of the project, and also to arrange with us a visit, if desired.


When we bought our 1970’s era home back in 2005, it was drab, dated and under-loved. But the location and “bones” were what drew us to it. We knew we’d have to make some pretty major changes to make it liveable. We were fortunate enough to be referred to Ryan Cowan to help us with that journey. Ryan and his team did a fabulous job on our Liberty Cap kitchen remodel (see pics) as well as numerous other remodeling projects – when you find someone of Ryan’s caliber, you keep working with them. In addition to our new kitchen and dining room, he did a major renovation to our outdoor areas, including changing the entry and front of the house; stuccoing over the shake siding and adding a natural stone facade (which totally transformed the look of our home); demolishing our unsafe deck off the master bedroom and building a new one, complete with a spiral staircase down to the new back patio which includes a custom BBQ area, gas fireplace, and in-ground spa. He also did some creative tile work for us and a variety of design touches that have made our home a wonderful place to relax and to entertain guests. Our neighbors have been delighted with the dramatic changes Ryan helped make, changing our once “ugly ducking” into a custom showplace.

Some of the best things about working with Ryan (and there are many) are his complete professionalism, attention to detail, reliability, quality of work, flexibility, and design creativity. So many of the features we love best about our home are ideas that we never would have considered without Ryan’s suggestions. The various lighting options in the kitchen and outdoors are wonderful. The workmanship is topnotch. He took some fairly difficult architectural features and made them look natural and fantastic. Even when things didn’t go quite as planned, Ryan worked with us until we were satisfied.

We think Ryan is one of the highest quality professionals we have ever worked with. We have often recommended him to others who have asked who did the work on our home. We would work with him again in a heartbeat.